Safer Streets

Update of the City's 2014 Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan, with an additional focus on general traffic safety.

This page contains the documents for public review that are developed throughout the Piedmont Safer Streets process. Also included, for reference, is the City’s 2014 Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan.

Community needs assessment report (public draft; Feb. 2021)

The City gathered input from residents on the needs and challenges around walking, biking and traffic safety in Piedmont. The input is being used to develop the recommendations under the Safer Streets plan. This report summarizes the key issues and themes raised by the public. A set of appendices lists all the comments submitted by the public in writing.

Planning context report (public draft; December 2020)

This report updates our understanding of the local planning context surrounding walking, biking and, more generally, traffic in Piedmont since 2014. It contains an analysis of traffic collisions, a summary of relevant transportation-related plans and studies and an inventory of completed walking-, biking- and other transportation-related projects and activities.

2014 Piedmont Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan

The 2014 Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan was the City’s first comprehensive planning effort focused on ‘active transportation.’ The plan identified a realistic and effective set of projects and other recommendations to make walking and biking in Piedmont safer, easier and more popular.